Looking for more exposure and don’t know how to find it?
A little known trick employing 'Newspaper Calendars’ will increase your exposure with  ease — and it’s FREE!”

Learn to use this simple trick for getting free publicity with Newspaper Calendars 

What are Newspaper Calendars?
Glad you asked.

Newspaper Calendars are listings of local events – everything from art shows and concerts to lectures and workshops. People use them all the time to find things to do.

Have you ever held an event and waited with great expectations for people to show up, and only a handful turn out?  Getting your event into a Newspaper Calendar sharply increases your chances for good attendance.

Newspaper Calendars are a great source of free publicity for all your events. Join our mailing list to grab your FREE how-to guide today, and start taking advantage of newspaper calendars by tonight.

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Newspaper Calendars

This guide shows you how to utllize the free publicity bonanza of newspaper calendar sections.

Finding Local Calendars

In this guide, we show you how to find newspaper calendars in any city or town and submit your events to them.

Submitting Your Event

Learn how to sign up for accounts with newspaper calendar sections and use them as a treasure trove of free publicity.


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